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New blog, new start

For a while, I’ve been pondering over the platform on which I could start blogging again, but with the seemingly endless choices available I was somewhat stifled by analysis paralysis.

Twitter’s great, but 140 characters is simply too limiting for my needs.  Facebook is something I use to connect with family and friends so it’s not the right audience.  Tumblr’s cool, but it’s been too flakey for my liking and I have a real wariness about trusting my content with ‘free’ service providers.  Google Plus is really taking off, seems to have great potential and undoubtedly SEO benefits, but aside from the ownership thing I feel like anything posted has a very short shelf life as posts seem to very quickly move further down the page.  I’d also considered other options, but after dismissing the big players I decided a self-hosted blog was the best way forward.

Blogging.  It’s so 2000.  Or is it?  As time’s gone on, I’ve noticed a shift in activity with some bloggers I’d followed gradually moving away from lengthier, considered blog posts to spur of the moment microblogs and status updates.  Whilst I’m going to continue to use social media it’s not going to provide the content platform that a WordPress installation with a nice, fresh theme can.  Also, this website can act as the glue to bind together a lot of the content I post elsewhere.  Twitter, Flickr, Instagram.  I can use them all to add trimmings to the main content I’m going to be serving up and they can help to keep the site from stagnating.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure who’s going to follow my ramblings here given my intention is to write about a variety of topics.  Aside from gaining stranger visits via search engines and inbound links, I wonder if this will provide an opportunity for deeper discussion with existing contacts.  I guess time will tell.


Husband, father, photographer, systems developer and all-round gadget and tech fan.



/stares awkwardly at her own neglected blog

I am definitely someone who has moved spur of moment blogs and status updates, mainly about all things that are doodly and I do miss my more personal ramblings over on my blog.

I love a good ramble, so I will be reading :)


Yikes! Now I know someone’s reading my own ‘little piece of me’ I’ll make an effort to not write gibberish! ;)